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Managing Your Data So You Don't Have To

Here at gINTDEV, we offer a full data management service for smaller companies or drillers who don't want to spend a large sum of money on geotechnical software. We will build you your own Library File and Data Template the same as we would for existing gINT users. Your reports look the way you want them to and have your logo etc on them.

There are two options for our Data Management service:-

1. We provide you with a blank Excel file, set up to mimic your Data Template. You key in or import your data and send us the file by email or on disk. We then import your data into gINT and produce the requested output

2. If you are a driller or a consultancy who is in receipt of drillers logs, send them to us and we will input the data for you and then produce the requested reports.

Reports can be either printed on a colour lazerjet printer or produced as PDF files (Adobe Acrobat files, you can view / print them by using a free progrram, Acrobat Reader (free to download, see the LINKS page, or we can send you a copy via email / disk)). If you choose "hardcopy", the reports can then be returned to you or directly to your client by post. If you choose PDF output, then the reports can be e-mailed to you or your client as soon as they are produced and they can print them out.

If you choose the PDF option, log production is very quick. If you are sending us an Excel file, you or your client will receive the PFDed logs the next day via email. This will enable "next day updating" of your clients, if they need quick turnaround. We can also output to an AGS file if required, which can also be emailed direct to your client. We can also upload created files to your own secure area of this website if you need to distribute your reports to a lot of people. All you need to do is give the relevant people the appropriate password so that they can view / download and print the output straight from the website.

The Data Management service is charged for by the "Hole". There is also a one off setup fee for constructing the necessary Library and Data Template Files. Once created, those files will be held and maintained by us and a copy will also be sent to you. All project files created will also be held (and backed up) by us and yourselves.

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