Formatting Your Data Structure

In gINT® , the data template is the blank database into which you enter data. Like many other aspects of gINT, the data template is fully customisable. You can have as many set up as you wish, although the fewer, the better. Ideally you should only have 1, and if you plan to export to AGS data, it helps to have the data template at least partly compliant with the AGS data structure.

If your company handles its data (or clients request) in a set way, this can be built into the data template or you can have a different one for each client, totally customised to their way of doing things. You can have tables set up to handle your differing reporting needs and whilst most data templates within the geotechnical industry will be similar (although very rarely the same), if you want to record the fact that your engineer was wearing red socks and a hat, whilst logging BH1 then we can add the appropriate fields to the data template!.

With the utilisation of Visual Basic in gINT 8, data templates can now contain calculated fields that will calculate the result of the field from data entered into other fields. You can also have gINT check value ranges or data types at time of input as well as add default values "unless otherwise stated".

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