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gINT Professional, is the ultimate performer among geoenvironmental and geotechnical software products. gINT Professional enables users to easily create fully customizable database structures and an unlimited number of user-defined reports. An infinite variety of boring logs, 2D and 3D fence diagrams, histograms, graphs, tables, site maps and data summaries are possible. gINT Professional also provides powerful output and import/export capabilities, impressive data interrogation tools, and superb drawing tools that can be used within reports, symbols, and general applications. gINT Professional geoenvironmental and geotechnical software also offers the ability to interface with most industry standard programs.

People sometimes categorize gINT as a borehole-log production software program. But in fact, borehole logs comprise a mere 20% of gINT's capabilities. You can reutilize the data in your database in a multitude of ways, depending on your needs. Graphs, 2D and 3D fence diagrams, histograms, tables and data summaries--all of which can be customized--provide the foundation for a virtually unlimited number of user-defined report forms. All this, and the world's best drilling logs too!

Using a relational database as an engine for all your geotechnical or geoenvironmental data is the most efficient and economical means of handling data, whether for small projects or large ones. gINT's powerful database system enables you to access, evaluate, and compare data across your entire database. You can obtain statistics on layer properties, generate reports for accounting and progress purposes, and correlate data to understand the engineering properties of your sites. gINT brings you quick, easy and powerful access to your data.

gINT's "smart forms" can reshape themselves depending on whether certain types of data are present or absent, making user-definable decisions based on your data. So, for example, if you don't have any well construction information on a particular borehole, and you don't want to print a blank column there, gINT can automatically suppress that empty data column in the borehole log and expand the remainder of the data on the report to fill the space. With our "smart forms" there' no need for you to create multiple different forms for various contingencies, saving you time, money--and headaches.

Why should you do calculations manually when gINT can do them automatically for you? You can have gINT extract the numbers you need from your data, rather than generating them by hand and inputting the information separately. For example, if you want to print water depths and elevations, you need to input only the depths and the program will calculate the elevations for you. This could mean cutting your data entry in half. You'll find gINT's auto-calculation makes input faster, easier, less error-prone, and easier to QA.

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