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gINT® v8 works by storing all the output reports and supporting data in a file, called a library file.

If you ask us to produce custom output reports, this is the file that would be worked on. We can produce virtually any report that you could want, from a simple borehole / trial pit log to the most complicated 'smart' logs with graphic elements, graphs, tables and location plans, all on the same sheet of paper.

We can generate 'smart' logs to order. A 'smart' log is a report that will, for example, only show certain things on the log if there is corresponding data in the database. A prime example of this is a graphical representation of a well or piezo installation. If the borehole has entries for a piezo installation in the database, the report will produce a graphic column down the right hand side of the page, showing a cross section of the installation. If there is no data in the database for an installation the report will NOT show a blank column with the heading 'Well', it will widen the description column and move other columns to the right to take up the space left by the Piezo graphic column. This can be applied to many different elements of your logs, graphs and all other report types (except text documents).

Your library file also can contain "user system data", self contained complex calculations that can be called into data markers at report construction time. This is a great time saver if you need to change any of these calculations, as you only have to change them in one place and the change will apply across all reports.

You can have customised "lookup lists" (either set content or editable) to select data from, "readings lists", to automatically populate your parts of your database with set information and "library tables" to hold mini databases of data such as client information (name, address phone etc.) that can be called to supply information to the main database.

Please use the Samples button, left, or click here to view samples of working logs and other output.

If you have any questions about Custom Library File Creation then phone Miles on 07738873403 or e-mail: enquiries@gintdev.co.uk 

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